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HATD Webinar Series: Bedouin Arab Women’s Health

A discussion about grassroots efforts to increase access to health care while empowering Bedouin women to lead healthy active lifestyles that challenge traditional female roles in Arab society. Also discussed is the health impact of Israel’s recent decision to offer legal status to three unrecognized Bedouin villages including the beneficiary community of current HATD grantee Atid BaMidbar.  Originally recorded November 7, […]

HATD Webinar Series: The Challenges and Opportunities of Health in a COVID Era

In this presentation, we provide an overview of the background, tools, and evidence base for the 30 year old Peace through Health (PtH) field throughout the world. Specifically, we summarize the research evidence and interventions undertaken for PtH in the Israeli Palestinian conflict via Healing Across the Divides and other organizations. The presentation also introduces […]

HATD Webinar Series: The Role of Health Professionals in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Beyond

A discussion by the authors of two forthcoming books about Peacebuilding Through Health and health professionals in regions of conflict. Moderated by Donald Berwick, MD, former Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services under President Barack Obama. Perilous Medicine: The Struggle to Protect Health Care from the Violence of War (Columbia University Press) […]


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We are committed to improving the health of marginalized Israelis and all Palestinians. We bring groups together, when possible, to exchange ideas and to work together.  We seek to increase the capacity and efficiency of these local groups. Our method of working to improve health represents a pathway to peace building. HATD is the only non-profit that provides funding and technical advice on health to both Palestinian and Israeli communities; and the only one that fosters cooperation between groups – a critical difference in these challenging times.

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