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Though we have much to be thankful for at Healing Across the Divides—flourishing programs in both Israel and the West Bank, measured health improvements and increased cooperation between our grantees—we are especially grateful this year to you, our donors, who proved during our recent fundraising appeal just how important Peacebuilding Through Health is to you personally.

While many nonprofits face increasing fundraising challenges, HATD’s community health initiatives in 2017 were met with unprecedented shows of support by our donor community. With the generosity of both longtime and new donors, HATD was able to exceed its end-of year fundraising goals, increasing fundraising revenue by an incredible 69% during the last half of 2017 compared with the previous year. We could not be more grateful for your generosity!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. These impressive fundraising figures paint a remarkable picture of the spirit of the HATD donor community, reflecting just how important it is to you, our supporters, to empower and heal Israelis and Palestinians across political and ethnic divides. We are truly lucky to have such impressive support, and your kindness represents hope for thousands of marginalized Israelis and Palestinians and their families in 2018.

Your generous spirit is an inspiration to us at HATD as we enter a new year! Thank you, HATD supporters!