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Healing Across the Divides is excited to announce the launch of a new initiative bringing together Jewish Israelis and Bedouin Arabs to jointly tend a community garden while learning about health, nutrition, the environment and one another.

The program, based in the southern Israeli city of Yerucham, works with local families from the Bedouin town of Rachme and residents of Yerucham to create a sustainable garden that provide fresh-grown food sources and training in healthy living within a framework of coexistence and mutual responsibility for the land.

Together, families will cultivate a traditional herb and vegetable garden and transform previously neglected municipal land into a productive green space that benefits both communities. Training sessions by health experts will teach participants about the importance of healthy living including exercise and nutrition and help families implement healthy living practices at home.

Residents have so far shown overwhelming support for the joint-program.

“It’s not easy to find places that so seamlessly connect nature and love for the land of Israel” said one volunteer from Yerucham.

This is HATD’s second community-garden healthy lifestyles initiative focusing on nutrition and traditional natural food sources. We look forward to sharing more photos and updates from this unique and exciting program!

Garden with us! To learn more or to find out about volunteer opportunities in our growing garden, write to