HATD Webinar Series: Future of Jerusalem

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Daniel Seidemann is a renowned attorney, activist, and expert in Middle East affairs specializing in the legal status of Jerusalem and its Palestinian and Israeli residents. He is frequently consulted by governmental bodies in Israel, Palestine, and the international community on matters pertaining to Israeli-Palestinian relations. Since 2017, Mr. Seidemann has spoken before various HATD Study Tour groups about the unique roll Jerusalem plays in prospects of regional peace.

Nasser Hamamreh is a long-time Palestinian community activist and behavioral specialist with a focus on at-risk Palestinian youth. A social worker by training, Mr. Hamamreh is a leading expert in addiction prevention and community empowerment throughout the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. He has been critical to the success of the HATD-funded Al-Maqdese drug prevention initiative in schools throughout East Jerusalem.

Originally recorded April 1, 2020 at 12PM EST. Watch on YouTube or by clicking the image below: