Welcoming Dr. Yohanna Barth-Rogers to the HATD Board of Directors

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The board of Healing Across the Divides is delighted to announce their new board member, Dr. Yohanna Barth-Rogers.  Dr. Barth-Rogers will add to our team her background in ethics, grant writing and vast medical knowledge as a family physician.

Her commitment to justice both at home and abroad started at a young age. She worked for 5 years as a street outreach worker in San Francisco providing referrals, medical supplies, and a listening ear to homeless women, many of whom were survival sex workers. She has seen first hand how small acts of love and increased access to care and medicine deeply impact a humans life. She has also always had a deep connection to Israel and Palestine, first visiting when she was 18 and on an 8 month solo trip from South East Asia to the Middle East. Since she has lived and travelled there multiple times.

After her exploration through Asia and the Middle East she returned to Northampton to study Philosophy at Smith College. She has started her training in medicine going to Medical School for International Health in Collaboration with Columbia University Medical Center. While in Israel she volunteered for an organization that provided pop up medical clinics in the West Bank to those with little access to medicine. After graduating Medical School she moved to LA to be marry her husband Sam and start residency in Family Medicine. Her interest in Family Medicine include Community Medicine, Addiction Medicine, Women’s health and Trauma Informed Care. Recently she completed a year-long training in psychiatry in Primary Care through a fellowship with UC Davis.

She is currently the Chief Medical Officer of the University Muslim Medical Association (UMMA) Community Clinic in South Los Angeles. Umma clinic is a Federally Qualified Medical Clinic that serves the uninsured and underserved population. There, she supervises all the clinical staff including integrated behavioral medicine, as well as monitors quality improvement and ensures the clinic stays in compliance with federally set regulations.

While CMO her focus has been providing in depth training around Trauma Informed Care, expanding access to the most marginalized communities in South LA, starting an addiction medicine program, and a hep C treatment clinic.  More recently the focus has been on expanding telehealth access, starting an outdoor Covid testing clinic and providing thousands of Covid vaccines to South LA residents, some of the hardest hit from the Covid pandemic.

She currently lives in Venice, California with her husband, dog and two daughters. She loves to hike, cook and read children’s books.

She is tremendously grateful and honored to be a part of the board at HATD.

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