Unwavering Commitment: The Journey of Healing Across the Divides

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In humanitarian work, success isn’t always guaranteed, and the path is full of challenges.

Healing Across the Divides (HATD) knows this well. Led by Norbert Goldfield, our entire team,
from staff to grantees, embodies resilience and never gives up.

The Negev Refugee Center Partnership: A Lesson in Adaptability

Our recent partnership with the Negev Refugee Center (NRC) showed us the unpredictability of
our mission. Despite careful planning, external factors forced us to step back:

  • The NRC leader was called to the reserves three times within an eight month period,
    leaving the center without strong leadership. With only one full-time staff member and
    three part-timers, their resources were already stretched thin.
  • Living in a conflict zone took a toll, causing financial despair and reducing hope for
    government support.
  • Issues with a refugee asylum seeker group meant the project only included Sudanese
    participants, which limited HATD’s inclusive goals.

Looking Ahead with Optimism and Purpose

For HATD, these challenges aren’t the end but a pause. We’re exploring new partnerships with
organizations that share our vision of healing and support for refugees in tough situations.
Giving up is not in our vocabulary. We are as committed to bridging gaps and building a future
where everyone has the chance to thrive.Together, we march on, in devoted service to those
who count on us the most.

A Call to Our Donors: Be Part of the Solution

We thank our donors deeply. Your generosity drives us forward through obstacles. Each
donation plants a seed of hope, creating growth and stability where it’s needed most. Let’s turn
challenges into opportunities. Join us in making a tangible difference. Together, we remain
determined, knowing every effort counts.

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