Empowering Palestinian Women’s Health in East Jerusalem: Lada’at’s Transformative Work

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Palestinian women in East Jerusalem face severe barriers to safeguarding their sexual and
reproductive rights. They struggle with limited access to family planning services, reliable health
information, and medical confidentiality in a patriarchal society. Language barriers further
prevent them from accessing necessary health services and understanding their rights.
Additionally, some women face threats to their physical safety and wellbeing.

Lada’at, based in West Jerusalem, is addressing these challenges head-on. By providing
reliable information in Arabic, individual guidance, workshops, and awareness campaigns,
Lada’at is making a significant impact. Their Arabic-language Counseling Center offers
personalized support, while educational workshops for teens, healthcare workers, and
professionals raise awareness and knowledge about sexual health. Through social media and
their website, they disseminate crucial information, reaching tens of thousands of people.

In the past year alone, Lada’at conducted over 150 workshops in East Jerusalem schools and
provided individual guidance to 730 people. Their Emergency Fund for Contraception and
Abortion has already supported 18 women. Online, they have a substantial reach, with 3,300
Instagram followers and a monthly reach of over 31,550 accounts, and their Arabic-language
website has reached 75,000 people.

Despite challenges, Lada’at continues to expand its impact. Their dedicated team of East
Jerusalemite women leads this effort, offering culturally appropriate solutions to previously
unaddressed issues. Your support is crucial in helping Lada’at continue this transformative
work, empowering women, and promoting reproductive rights in a region that desperately needs

Help us ensure every woman has the right to health and autonomy. Your donation can provide
essential services, education, and support to women who need it most. Join us in making a
difference. Donate today.