Part Two: Lada’at’s Resilience in the Face of Adversity

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After a promising start to 2023, where Lada’at experienced significant growth and success. The organization was expanding across all departments and launching new, meaningful initiatives. However, this momentum was abruptly disrupted by the events of October 7th, which forced Lada’at to temporarily pause most of its activities, including crucial services related to sexual and reproductive health focusing on education, counseling, and community outreach. 

Despite the challenges, Lada’at demonstrated remarkable resilience. The Hebrew- and Arabic-language counseling centers remained operational, providing crucial support during heightened need. This continuity was possible by the dedication of volunteers and staff who stepped up their involvement to ensure smooth operations, even as key personnel, like the manager of the Hebrew-language counseling center, were called to reserve duty for extended periods.

Toward the end of November, Lada’at began cautiously resuming its work, adapting its approach to the sensitive nature of the current situation. The organization faced an increased demand for services, particularly in East Jerusalem schools, where workshops quadrupled compared to the previous year.

Unfortunately, the ongoing conflict also led to an uptick in domestic and sexual violence in Jerusalem. Drawing from past experiences during security unrest and the pandemic, Lada’at recognized the crucial need for interventions to counter the negative influences of unemployment, collective trauma, economic stress, and increased exposure to violent content online.  The organization’s educational workshops have proved vital in providing teens with tools to navigate these challenges and prevent the perpetuation of cycles of violence.

As Lada’at approaches its 50th anniversary in 2026, the organization envisions expanding its physical space to accommodate more comprehensive services, including offices, counseling areas, training facilities, and potentially even a clinic. The goal is to collaborate with more organizations and work towards a society where quality information, guidance, and healthcare related to sexual and reproductive health are universally accessible.

Lada’at’s journey through these challenging times exemplifies the power of resilience and adaptability. By staying true to its mission and responding to the evolving needs of the community, the organization continues to make a significant impact, providing crucial support and education during extreme uncertainty.

Healing Across the Divides is proud to fund and work with organizations like Lada’at, particularly due to their unwavering commitment to inclusivity and resilience. Lada’at’s dedication ensures that everyone in the region, whether Israeli, Palestinian, or migrant, has access to crucial sexual and reproductive health services and education. Their ability to adapt and persevere through adversity, while maintaining support across diverse communities, embodies the spirit of unity and compassion that Healing Across the Divides aims to foster. Through our partnership – and with help from you as a HATD advocate, we are united in our mission to promote health equity and provide vital resources to those who need them most.