Nurturing Health and Hope in Jenin

Healthy Children Healthy Future Project, a grantee project of Healing Across the Divides, isunwavering in its mission to support children in Jenin through the Healthy Children HealthyFuture Project. Despite ongoing city intrusions, the project is steadily progressing. Project Initiation and Planning: The grantee team has meticulously developed an annualImplementation Plan, providing a clear and purposeful […]

Part Two: Lada’at’s Resilience in the Face of Adversity

After a promising start to 2023, where Lada’at experienced significant growth and success. The organization was expanding across all departments and launching new, meaningful initiatives. However, this momentum was abruptly disrupted by the events of October 7th, which forced Lada’at to temporarily pause most of its activities, including crucial services related to sexual and reproductive […]

Empowering Palestinian Women’s Health in East Jerusalem: Lada’at’s Transformative Work

Palestinian women in East Jerusalem face severe barriers to safeguarding their sexual andreproductive rights. They struggle with limited access to family planning services, reliable healthinformation, and medical confidentiality in a patriarchal society. Language barriers furtherprevent them from accessing necessary health services and understanding their rights.Additionally, some women face threats to their physical safety and wellbeing. […]

Unwavering Commitment: The Journey of Healing Across the Divides

In humanitarian work, success isn’t always guaranteed, and the path is full of challenges. Healing Across the Divides (HATD) knows this well. Led by Norbert Goldfield, our entire team,from staff to grantees, embodies resilience and never gives up. The Negev Refugee Center Partnership: A Lesson in Adaptability Our recent partnership with the Negev Refugee Center […]

Colleagues Across The Divides

To really see this war, I needed to leave it.  Considering the war I currently find myself in, several months back I decided I should do everything in my power to expand the circles of Palestinian-Israeli partnerships in which I participate. And to learn more about conflict management, because if not now, when?!  A friend […]

Addressing the ongoing mental trauma in Gaza and the West Bank

Every month, I will highlight one Healing Across the Divides grantee in greater depth starting with a new grantee based in Bethlehem. In addition to being a new grantee, the organization itself is only six months old. However, it is not entirely new to me as I’ve known the Director for about 15 years. The […]

Finding New Hope Across Israel and Palestine

To continue working towards our goals, we must first meet them across the divides.  Once a year, I journey to Israel and the West Bank with Mejdi Tours and Healing Across the Divides. This year, a trip to see our grantees and on the ground representatives in Israel (Veronica Vigdorchik) and in the Palestinian Territories […]