Thanks to the White Hill Farm project, the Israeli Ministry of Health has committed to providing Healthy Cooking Workshops for Bedouin women, volunteer lecturers for the Rahma-Yeruham Women’s Group, and additional activities for Bedouin and Jews for the kindergartens and youth.

The workshops for Bedouin women are a ground-breaking pilot for the Ministry of Health staff, who are interested in improving health among the Bedouin, especially in unrecognized villages, and were very happy that we helped to organize what for them is a model to be expanded to other Bedouin communities.

Also thanks to the project, the Ministry of Health to significantly fund activities in Yeruham for residents of Rahma and not only of Yeruham, through the Ministry’s new initiative: Efshari-Bari Ba’Ir (“healthy is possible in the city”)

One such additional activity funded by the Ministry of Health via Efshari-Bari is the soccer team for Rahma boys which we opened in February 2019, trained by a Jewish trainer in Yeruham. Another activity via Efshari-Bari that we are involved in and got the kindergartens who come to the Farm involved in, is improving healthy nutrition in the kindergartens.

This is a kind of “snowballing” nutrition/health revolution, that wouldn’t have occurred without the White Hill Farm project, which led to our own heightened awareness, fundraising efforts, and our close collaboration with the Municipal volunteer Health Coordinator and the Ministry of Health